How to do a Throat Swab from Home via Telehealth

Test for COVID-19 at home with a Throat Scope via Telehealth. As we move into these uncertain times, telehealth becomes increasingly important so that we do not spread the infection and so we can flatten the curve by staying at home.



How does swabbing at home work? Swabbing at home uses telehealth for the patient to consult with the medical professional, send in the results and receive the results. Patients can be consulted, tested and receive their results without leaving their house. Swabbing at home and using telehealth helps keep the patients, medical professionals and the community

How it works:

  1. Video call between patient and doctor
  2. Doctor sends throat swab test kit, Throat Scope, and “How to do a Throat Swab at Home” YouTube video (above)
  3. Uber driver contactlessly picks up swab test and drops it at the pathology clinic for testing
  4. Doctor follows up with test results and a video call


  • Healthcare workers and patients aren’t being exposed to COVID-19 unnecessarily – patients can stay home and healthcare workers won’t come into physical contact with all potential cases
  • Healthcare workers aren’t out wasting time, so they can be available inside hospitals to tend to critically ill patients
  • Increase in jobs due to increase in Uber drivers required

Let’s do our part and flatten the curve. Stay at home. Testing at home is the safest option for patients, medical professionals and the community.

Posted on March 26, 2020


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