Throat Scope:
Illuminating Tongue Depressor, Retraction Tool and Screening Tool

Throat Scope is the all-in-one illuminating tongue depressor, retraction tool, and screening tool.

Free up an extra hand for oral exams. As the light source is located inside the mouth, Throat Scope allows for a clear view of the throat, teeth, tongue, palate and gums. Kiddos love it too, think of it as a Light Saber or magic wand.

Key features:

  • United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) Approved
  • Entered into the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (TGA)
  • European Conformity (CE) Marked
  • Designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination – blades are approved for single-use only
  • Single-use blades are recyclable, so we encourage you to recycle them! ♻️
  • Light handle provides natural light output for tissue examination and diagnosis (CRI: 90)
  • Handle provides 20 hours of constant illumination – about 2-3 years of regular use
  • Handle includes one-year replacement warranty



Throat Scope Illuminating Tongue Depressor Features


Giant Tonsils & Strep Throat

Cleft Palate (Newborn)

Hemorrhagic Tonsil

Monster Tonsils + Abscess (Tonsillitis)


Oral Cancer Screening with Throat Scope

Intraoral Examination using Throat Scope

Intraoral Telehealth Examination using Throat Scope

Oral Motor Examination using Throat Scope

Oral examination of 3 year old special needs child


I'm a school nurse and with all the strep and flu going around, I am going to fly through my box of 100!
Throat Scope is life changing for me! It makes checking kids a breeze. I am awestruck! I'm a "one man band" it's singing praises to professionals and family and friends. Brilliant!

Paula - School Nurse


We are loving using our new Throat Scopes in the clinic. What a difference it makes to be able to see inside our 'littlies' mouths quickly and easily. What a great idea! Also very useful for identifying air escaping down the nose during speech for our Cleft Palate clients as it so happens!

Kim - Speech Language Pathologist


This is an absolute essential for every dental and medical practitioner to provide the best possible oral assessment and ability to discover oral cancer in its earliest stages

Jo-Anne - Dental Hygienist & Motivational Speaker


Throat Scope is high-tech compared to the organic incumbent

ZD Net - Worldwide News Media


Throat Scope provides medical professionals with one free hand, a light source located inside the mouth for a fast, accurate and pleasant oral examination experience.

The Daily Floss Worldwide News Media


One word: Genius

SLP Toolkit - Speech Language Pathologist


This is a product that I have been using like crazy with a few of my /k/ and /g/ kids, actually all of my kids. It also looks like a light saber which makes every kid want to do it. Finally a therapy tool we can afford!

Jenna - Speech Language Pathologist - Speech Room News


It lights up the whole mouth! You can see a lot more than redness at the back of the mouth #brilliant

Eva Grayzel - Motivational Speaker for Oral Cancer


Parents and school nurses who have students with special needs who have trouble getting their kids open their mouths long enough to see what going in the back of their throat. At least with Throat Scope, you get a clear look even if it is quick!

Carla Butorac - Speech Language Therapist


This award comes with a lot of “firsts”. While only a couple of Australian companies have been honoured with an Edison Award since their inception in 1987, Holland Healthcare is the first Australian female led company to be recognised. It is also the first Australian medical device to win.

Hunter Headline Newcastle Newspaper


Cannot believe my daughter did not gag. She was so excited to have Throat Scope that she didn't mind the usual discomfort that goes along with an oral examination!

Katy - Speech Pathology Mama


No more juggling with a torch and a wooden craft stick to look into a kid’s gob. It’s a blessing for clinicians and parents. Who knew oral cavity examinations could be so much fun?

The Australian Newspaper


The Throat Scope is great. More kid friendly than a traditional tongue depressor and pen-torch, for assessing children's mouth and throat.

Kathryn Harber - Speech Language Pathologist


This product is well made and arrived really quickly. I love the product and it’s been very useful already.

Melody Humphries- Speech Language Pathologist


It works, reduces the materials I need, and engages kids. It’s a win

Jenna - Speech Language Pathologist - Speech Room News


Having another 'tool' to help illuminate challenging areas of the mouth including the tongue, floor of the mouth, palate and throat makes earlier discovery more feasible. Great adjunct for screening examinations and oral self exams.

Jo-Anne Jones - Motivational Speaker on Oral Cancer


This is an SLP's dream!

Amanda Schaumburg - Speech Language Pathologist - Panda Speech


My kids love it, it has a light saber element to it

Nacole - Registered Nurse - NurseNacole


I have 3 of these scopes, one in each exam room. I purchased 150 count of the blades. I use them not only in assessment but in treatment with patients. I place one blade with each patient for sensory targets, or useful in resistive exercises and in demonstrations of therapeutic exercises-side by side.
I also use these with my current cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment . I am able to take photographic images for communication with the radio-oncologist and or ENT to quickly manage mucositis; thrush and lesion development.
I saw these on Amazon and I was sold! I even gave these as presents to other SLP last Christmas!!!! It is a must have in my clinic.

Tamatha Rutherford - Speech Language Pathologist


This is a great product especially for patients with structural abnormalities, oral apraxia or macroglossia which can make visualizing the oral cavity a real challenge! Much more effective than using tongue depressor in one hand and pen light in the other!

Anne Brockman - Speech Language Pathologist


Throat Scope is a game changer for OME and oral exams

Graham Speech Therapy - Speech Language Pathologist


Best Intraoral Exam Tool Ever

Dr Keith Grimes - UK Doctor


“My area of specialization in dermatology is blistering diseases. Patients may have erosions and blisters inside the mouth as well as other mucous membranes and of course, on the skin. During these patient reviews, I have found it time saving and patient friendly to wear the lanyard which attaches to a device called a ‘throat scope’ which contains a battery-powered light. There is a disposable see-through plastic tongue depressor which is individually wrapped that I attach to this in order to easily view inside the mouth and take photos with my free hand. It is also useful for examining the mouth for skin cancers and infections. “

Dedee F. Murrell, Professor of Dermatology, University of Sydney, Australia



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